Friday, 7 June 2013

New Workout!

I update today because I wanted to try out my new workout before posting. And let me say, I am excited for the coming weeks! 

My man (who I will now refer to as Big Bear) and I went on our new run routine (for the week) on Wednesday and it went relatively well. I was a little worried with regards to my sugars...I was at 11 (198) earlier in the afternoon, which was making me tired and my mouth dry, so I took a very small bolus. Well a little while later I was fine, down to 10.5 (189), but then things started to change. I am pretty sensitive to my sugars and I could feel them dropping. Wouldn't you know it, when I got home my sugars came out to 8.8 (158.4)! Now that might not seem low for a lot of people, but for me, my runs greatly effect my sugars. I reduced my basal to 38% and ate a piece of licorice and decided to go for the run. And it felt great! I had a 15 minute run, 1 minute walk (x3) this week and I was pretty happy with myself as the run totaled 4.44m (7.8km). I am having some very tight calf and feet issues, so I had to stop twice for tightness pain, but otherwise it was great! I ended up with sugars at 4.2 (75.4), so I drank a good glass of chocolate milk to finish off a good workout!

Tired me looking out over the valley
in the middle of my run
I got a chance to use my new Endomondo app on my phone, which I am still deciding how much I like, as the paces are a little wonky. They spike up and down a lot, but I get a general sense of where my pace is. I couldn't truly determine my overall pace (but that was not the apps fault, it included my walks), but I know I was going well and trucking along. I will still use the app, it is the phones problem, not the app. I can feel my fitness level going up and it makes me so elated! I am starting to feel better about the Stampede Road Race on July 7th and I can't wait to see how it goes! However, currently, I am not sure about doing my run today as walking on my foot feels extremely tight and when I woke up it was painful to walk. I don't want to quit because Big Bear is also doing well getting ready for his 5k (at the same race) and we like training together. It might just be a gym trip today for a less calf conscious workout.
Big Bear and I after our run

As for the new workout, yesterday the two of us tried a class at the gym (we are peas in a pod these days)! It was known as BodyCombat and we were not disappointed. I went for a similar basal reduction, down to 35% because of rushing around trying to get to class along with sugars at 6.9 (124.2) and a sugary snack pack on the way home. BodyCombat is an hour long cardio class, and it was tiring! I felt good afterwards, punching and bouncing around on my toes, but it hurt my foot and calves quite a bit (even more tight). We went home quite exhausted last night, and that is why this post is a little delayed. My sugars came out to 8.2 (147.6), which was a little better than on the brink of a low (as with runs). Though, I was ready to pass out after a long day. We will continue to do this class and we will also try out some of the other classes (I need to get over my hate for spin classes). I am excited to have joined the gym for the summer and I look forward to finding fun things to do. 

So that is my last couple days. They were quite busy, but I am feeling good and am looking more forward to each run and workout! I am feeling better about my sugars with workouts and hope they continue to improve! If anyone has advice about my feet and calves (I am planning on stretching) please comment below. Enjoy your day!

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