Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Good Weekend and my Awesome Pump!

How can you not have an awesome weekend when you get an extra day? With May long this weekend, I was happy when the weather forecasts were wrong and instead of showers we got some awesome sunshine! It was perfect weather for running.

To be honest, my running slid quite a bit this Spring and it is great to be back pounding the pavement during the Summer. However, I started my pump a mere 3 weeks ago and after feeling that I am getting a day-to-day handle on the sugars (seriously, I am pretty sure I could be down 1% for my A1c next time around), it was time to test them with exercise. Lucky enough for me, my runs have been great! I had major issues with sugar spikes after runs before the pump, I couldn't imagine using gels (and I ran a half-marathon in October) because most of my runs I ended with sugars in the 20's (<360). Now, I can start a run around 9 (160), reduce my basal rate, and come home and have a recovery glass of chocolate milk. All without a low or a high. Pumps are amazing and I wouldn't trade it back anytime soon!

Yes, I had an awesome weekend, with two runs, the new Star Trek Into Darkness film (it was great) and a whole lot of time in the great outdoors! Soaking in the sun while I can and maybe next weekend I could even get out to the beach. I love my pump and running and I cannot wait to see how this summer goes!

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