Monday, 27 May 2013

What happened!?!

So the weather decided to take a turn for a worse last week; the downpours were relentless! I seriously can't believe how bad it was. The problem I have on top of that is the fact that I have become a wimp, and the cold gets to me. I love the rain, don't get me wrong, but it seriously sucks being in the cold!

I ran this Saturday and it went great! Well great is a relative term, but I feel good after not having run for a long time and I am (partially) gaining my stride back. Sugars are still an issue with runs, I try and reduce my meal bolus before my run and I cut my basal to 50%, and I still got a low of 2.4 (43)! I had my usual glass of chocolate milk, but I still don't like those numbers.
The tubing physically came out of
the pink part above, what?!

On another note, I had a hard Sunday, to say the least. My man got food poisoning on Saturday night, and that meant a night of worry and cleaning, which I don't mind, it just scared me. I have a tendency to care alot in most aspects of my life, and the amount I worry for the people I love is immense! Though, diabetes never lets up and my infusion site managed to pull apart from the 4 in the morning! Right before I was supposed to finally get a bit of shut-eye for the night, ugh!                  
This was a very mixed bag of emotions type of weekend and although diabetes isn't always in the forefront of my life, it is a constant companion that never truly goes away. So through everything, I never forget to keep an eye on my sugars and delve into my data on a regular basis. I try not to let it get me down, and diabetes has its "quirky" moments, just to say hi. Anyone have any significant quirks they have found? The infusion set disconnect is the one I found quite comical.

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