Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

One thing I have noticed of late his how little I have noticed my pump. I have come to the point in my pump career where the vessel that is my substitute pancreas on my hip is not a constant thought. Yay! However, the little things that are annoying do come up often and will never go away.

No matter the size, these are the devil!
Examples? Well first off, I seem to walk around corners without a care in the world. Though the extra inches at my waist realize that the wall is there for them to hit. No, I am not saying the pump makes you look fat (I have never been one to care about the vanity of technology), I am just saying that it likes to find corners to hit when it can. Also, the WORST is...door knobs! I have not had a lot of hooks on door knobs, maybe once or twice, but my goodness I have no desire to get my cord yanked so hard! Ya, I should mention that one of the times I got hooked was on a closet door knob while jumping into bed....never again.

Now, these little aches and pains are by no means a reason I wouldn't want a pump. There just always has to be a bad with the good. One of my major struggles this next couple months is the order for my Mio's was the wrong tube length! Again, problem, it is too short. It means every time I change, my pump won't reach the ground, and attached to my pants....I am sure you can figure it out. So I now have an issue of trying to be more aware of my pump cause of the short tube length, but at the same time finally settling to a point of forgetting about it on my hip sometimes. Ugh! Though, as an aside, I like checking for my pump on my hip as I look like a cop looking for their gun, cool right?...Right?

This was just my little rant for the day, I walked into a corner and thought I would talk about it (my life is weird)! On a better note, I have a run coming up tonight, so I will likely be posting about that coming up (cause we know I will have to do a sugars dance), but for now watch out for corners and door knobs. Cheers!

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