Friday, 31 May 2013

Birthday Celebrations and Bad Eating!

Well today is my birthday! I am 21 and ready to party! No, I'm just kidding, I don't party much (especially in  Calgary working full-time, and of course, diabetes and drinking is hard) so today was more about the crappy food I ate! Woo hoo!

I have diabetes, yes, but I don't believe that a birthday doesn't deserve a burger and cake every once and awhile, but let's be serious, it is hard. Also, I currently regret the burger decision, because of the previous activity.

I wish I ran this fast!
Starting from the beginning, after a long day at work, I came home to do my run (I had to delay it a day cause of lack of sleep, I am weak...) before some birthday celebrations. I was a little concerned, as before my run I had some issues with sugars going up. So even with an impending run, I took some insulin, otherwise I would have felt sluggish for the impending exercise. I followed that up with a cut of my basal, I tried for a 41% reduction, as 50% was sending me low. And guess what? It worked! Ya, that's right, today I actually felt like I somewhat knew what I was doing (you can tell I am SO confident). I came home to sugars at 4.8 (86.4), and was able to have a protein drink before going to dinner and no lows! Sweet sweet justice! I guess hard work, but whatever you prefer!

Too Tempting
Dinner was a little too greasy, and currently I am waiting to see how a burger and ice cream cake effected my sugars (I know, bad food! I just went crazy, and only had a sliver of cake). I also can feel my stomach hating me for having so much grease after a refreshing run. As for the run, I felt way better! My pace is a little bit faster, I am actually working closer to last October's half-marathon time, which makes me happy! Will I be ready for the 10k I have booked for the beginning of July? Currently, I am not sure, and wish I had more confidence. It is the Stampede Road Race (first race back running last year) and to me it signals a year since I picked back up into running.

I also have set myself up on a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S4!), so you will be seeing more pictures of my life on my posts coming up! I know this is a busy post, but I am dropping in to say hi in the midst of a busy night and a bit of celebrating! I have learned my lesson and I am going to eat healthy after runs, then I will also feel better at the end of the day.