Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Worst Low So Far...

Ya....well here is the full story for you. It was my usual after run low, I really need to get a handle on that! The problem I had? I realized near the end of my run that my temporary basal was not set properly. I had reduced my basal earlier, but wanted to change the percentage to lower coming into my run. However, I actually had NEVER REDUCED MY BASAL. Something happened and a button was not pressed. Of course, that is an even bigger problem cause I took a bolus an hour before my run (high sugars after lunch).

I am quite proud of myself, because I was able to run 4.26m (6.85km, ya, I am Canadian, but I'm weird) and holding a faster pace. So there is that, but I was lucky to have my man on the run with me, as by the time I wandered into the house, I was acting like a zombie after I passed the drunken sailor stage of the low. A quick check of my sugars...1.4 (25.2)! Exactly as bad as I felt. And let me specify, this, my friends, is the worst low I have had since getting diabetes. It taught me a good lesson, I never want to be there again.

After this incident, I would really like to start running with a monitor (I will be set up on a CGM in the Fall), I just need to get a belt that I like, which I haven't been able to find yet. Any suggestions? Cause that sucked. I am never really too far from my home at this point with my run lengths, and I did use a backpack when training for my half-marathon, but today shows I was a little farther than is safe. I know there are iFitness Belts that look promising and I have heard good things about SPIBelts as they have cases made for pumps, I am just wondering what people have tried. Anyone have any opinions on the matter? This definitely needs to happen, cause I don't always have a running partner.


  1. Yikes - scary! I'm glad you made it back alright.

    1. Ya, I was lucky to have my man there cause I was acting quite goofy.

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